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Love The Body You’ve Got

Today was a gorgeous day to run. The temperature was rather low (in the 60s) and the sun was up. The sky was a deep beautiful blue and completely clear of clouds. I have been wanting a GPS-enabled running watch that allows me to better track my running. My iPhone does a decent job tracking distance, pace, time, etc but it has limitations (especially since the GPS is working off of cellular network). My awesome hubbie has a Garmin Forerunner he doesn’t use – so he gave it to me until I decide to purchase my own.

Today’s run was the first time I used it and I loved it! Part of my distance run training features intervals. Right now I’m working off of a varied 1:1 and 2:1 (minutes running to minutes walking) ratio to help build endurance and aerobic capacity. When I finish up C25K and start the Disney Half Marathon program, I’ll drop down to a 30 sec:30 sec ratio and move up from there. Having the watch made it much easier to run using intervals. I didn’t feel like I was pulling my shoulder out of its socket to look at my times!

I ran around the gorgeous lake and enjoyed soaking in the sun. Running during the day is unusal for me. It threw me off a little bit but felt great regardless.


The more I run, the better I feel about my body. I feel less self-conscious about my flaws. I work hard at maintaining my fitness level. I may not have the best running pace – but at least I’m out there. I might not be the skinniest girl in the world – but I still feel fit and in shape. I used to beat myself up about how my body looked. I would be the first to list a (very long) list of things wrong with me. It doesn’t do a lot for your self esteem when you spend so much time beating yourself up. Now that I’m running regularly, I feel better about myself and don’t pick on myself as much. I don’t work out anymore because I’m afraid of getting fat. I work out because I love my body enough to take care of it. I want to be healthy and running gives me one epic sense of accomplishment. For those of you who struggle with body image issues, check out this post with some pretty uplifting messages to boost your self-esteem!

Featured photo also pulled from Sparkpeople’s great post!