Hello There, Did You Miss Me?

May was a fantastic running month for me. I ran approximately 39 miles. I ran the Eglin AFB Gate to Gate Inaugural 10k and felt pretty good ending my month on that note.

June was awful. I ran 2.44 miles on June 28th, and that was it. I kept telling myself that I was simply taking a month off before my training for Wine & Dine kicked off. But to be blunt and simple, I was being lazy. The run on the 28th was hard. I practically hated every minute of it and everything hurt. While I was running, I was so mad at myself. One month and I felt like everything I had worked for had gone down the drain. I wrote the following on my Facebook page:


So far, July has been much better. After today’s treadmill run, I am at 13 miles for the month. I’m halfway through the month and my mileage is up five times where it was in June (admittedly, not a hard feat). The end of June was a tough one for me. An unexpected death in my friend-family struck my heart hard. I found myself in the position of caretaker for a loved one in a painful and frightening situation.  I also found myself seriously lacking in self-care. Luckily, a trip to see an old college friend and to collect my new Disney annual pass came right on time. I was able to drive down to Orlando to have a seriously relaxing and mind-resetting mini vacation.

When Cat and I were in college, we roomed together in Ragans Hall for a semester. We have quite the memories from that time (good, bad, hilarious and so forth) and we have stayed friends ever since graduation. Last Saturday, she was wonderful enough to accompany me to my first visit to Magic Kingdom as an Annual Passholder! Due to the blissful state of being able to visit Disney whenever I want to over the next year, I didn’t feel rushed to go from ride-to-show-back-to-ride-to-parade, etc. We wondered around the park catching up on each other’s recent lives. We rode the Little Mermaid ride, Haunted Mansion and visited with Mickey. I was charmed by her little baby and happy to be with a friend for a day. Magic Kingdom was curiously empty for a Saturday in July. It was wondrously relaxing! I also got to see my college friend Melissa for a little while which was pretty cool!

The following Sunday, I spent a relaxing day at Epcot. I brought my Kindle and read a book while in line for the new Frozen ride. I used Fastpasses to ride the newly expanded and updated Soarin’ and even rode the “Living With The Land” ride simply because it is one that my husband loves (and that I dislike!). I visited with several characters on my own and enjoyed food from the Chinese food stand (a curry chicken pocket… yummy!). As I left the park, I did so feeling refreshed and like myself.


For now, I’m focusing on cutting back on my stressors and remembering not to take on too much at once. I’m making more time for me to keep my heart refreshed and in the right place. I’m still quite the busy bee. There’s just nothing that can make me sit still for too long. I can’t help but do for others – especially for my loved ones – and that just isn’t going to stop. But I’m not over extending myself and that is an important thing to remember! At the moment, my life exists to run, to read, to kayak, to hunt for Pokemon (occasionally), to love on my friends/family with all of my heart, to cuddle with my furbabies… My life exists to be me… to enjoy the life I have been gifted with… to love, cherish, protect and care for the people that I love… My life exists to live. And I’m doing so. I’m doing so with joy.


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