A Beautiful Thing

What is it about new running clothing that puts some fresh motivation and spring into your feet? I’ve acquired several pieces of new running clothes over the past couple of weeks and I have seen an uptick in my running as well as my motivation. Not only am I getting out to pound the pavement (or the treadmill), but I am staying out and going for longer.

Recently, my mother-in-law sent me a few pairs of Under Armour shorts she found at a closing Sports Authority (it has been very, very difficult for me not to continually raid our own closing SA). I love UA shorts and was thrilled to receive these in the mail (and happy that she thought of me!).

Recently, Kohls launched a line of fitness apparel based on the Marvel Avengers team called “Her Universe” and let me tell you… I am in love. The shirts are adorable, the tights are adorable AND comfy (a huge plus in my eyes) and they make me feel happy while running.


As it heats up here in Florida, I have been spending a little more quality time with the treadmill and my iPad. For quite a while I would only refer to the treadmill as a “dreadmill” because of how boring and inadequate I found running on the work out machine. Now that I couple running with watching a movie or a show, that has changed a lot. XFinity has an app for the iPad that even allows you to download your DVR’ed content… so catching up on my latest show is that much easier and even a little healthier since I’m not sitting on the couch or curled up in bed (this morning I caught up on the most recent episode of “Blindspot” – so awesome, by the way). Running on the treadmill still doesn’t touch running outside, but it has at least become a little more bearable (maybe running my 19 mile long run during WDW Marathon training put my treadmill runs in a little perspective, too).

Motivation is a beautiful thing. When it flags, I flag. I feel more “down” and I am quickly deterred by life’s every day challenges. When my motivation is on the rise and I am hitting the pavement/gym more often, I feel more “up” days and I honestly feel more “normal”.

Last week, I hit three runs. The week before, I did 4. This week, I am aiming for two weekly runs and considering the local Red Shoe 10k. I have over two months before Wine & Dine training begins… but I am determined to keep my motivation up so that I am properly conditioned for that first training run.

To end my post, here are a couple of shots of the new outfits in action. Try to contain your excitement.



5 thoughts on “A Beautiful Thing”

  1. Keep the legs churning. We don’t need to have a race on the schedule, to need to stay healthy. I’m afraid that with the Alabama summer coming on, I will be joining you on the treadmill more than I like also. And you are right, the new outfits look Awesome! (I get jealous of girls getting all the Cool running/workout clothes.) – BryanB

  2. I love getting new workout clothes; so motivating! The last ones I got came in a perfect package from you 🙂 I’m still getting so much use out of them because it’s still freeeezing here! That was back in december though so time for new workout clothes soon I think 😉

    1. Not really. I’ve thought about it but I’ve been happy with music and the occasional audio book. When I start back into training I’ll probably look into podcasts to help on the longer runs. 🙂

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