Hello Again, My Old Friend

My last post was over thirty days ago. My last post was on February 20, 2016… following the 2LT Justin Sisson 5k. Things have been a little up and down in my household. Blogging, posting and running kind of fell by the wayside. And honestly, maybe I needed that small break. I went to Disney with the intention to run while I was there – but walking nine plus miles each day in the parks kind of nixed that thought. When I returned home, I just didn’t have the time, drive or energy to go out for a run. My last run before Disney was on March 11… I didn’t run again until March 29th (the day I registered for the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon).

I ran on March 29th. I ran again on March 31st. Each run was approximately two and a half miles. I hadn’t been running for two weeks. I subsequently registered for a 10k simply because I liked the singlet and the medal design (what better reason is there, really?).

The Springtime Tallahassee 10K boasts a nice (albeit a bit hilly) course that winds through Myers Park and some of the adjoining neighborhoods. Last year (my 10K PR), it was pretty chilly throughout the race (chilly enough that I wore my Princess Half sweatshirt!). This year, it was comfortable at the race start. It misted through the first couple of miles. That mist turned into a steady drip that melted away by the time I got to the finish line.

As I headed for the finish line, all I was thinking about was the free beer at Growler Country’s tent! (Photo Credit: Fred Deckert)

I finished a couple of minutes shy of my time goal (a modest 1:20), but that wasn’t really something that factored into my enjoyment of the event. I wasn’t trained and had entered the race on a whim. I enjoyed the six miles for what they were – a fun 10K on a Saturday morning with a medal and a glass of cold beer at the end.

I’m trying to steadily get back into running. I don’t need to start training again until July, but I would like to have a nice base as I enter my training season again. Plus, I always say I feel better when I have been running and that is the plain truth! I feel better about myself and life in general when I have made time to put feet to pavement (or to trail, as the case was sometime last week).

I’m in the last 4 weeks of my running journal. This thing has been incredible. I’ve loved being able to keep track of each run. I’ve enjoyed being able to make notes on each run – different things I experienced and felt. I like to look back on the reasons why I didn’t get out for a run or the reasons why a particular run made me feel spectacular. My running journal has helped me celebrate my triumphs while also helping me to recognize the low points in my running and training. I’ve also documented some of the rough patches I have gone through that don’t involve running.

image1 (5)

One of the last “work pages” in the book involves going over your successes and disappointments. For me, my successes seem to far outweigh the disappointments. In this past “season” (my journal starts on March 23, 2015 – a month after my first half marathon and the week of the Springtime 10K), I have PR’ed in both the 10K and half marathon distances. I’ve placed in my age group and I even endured a very long nineteen mile long run on the treadmill!! For the most part I stayed focused on marathon training with a few bumps in the road. My biggest disappointment last year was spraining my ankle during the heat of marathon training. Despite this injury, I persevered and didn’t let my training get side tracked for too long while also getting the rest I obviously needed!

I’ve had a good year. I can’t wait to finish out these last few weeks in my journal… and I most especially can’t wait to start a new one!

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3 thoughts on “Hello Again, My Old Friend”

  1. You HAVE had a good running year, and I’m glad you’re finishing on a high note. I feel like I need a paper running journal but I never stick with them! I guess for me, that’s what my blog is for…although I should be more consistent if that’s the case!

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