Hiking and Hotcakes 2014 (10K)

This weekend, two of my friends and I drove up to the Atlanta, Georgia area to attend the “Hiking and Hotcakes 2014” race event. The event included a 5K, a 10K and a 1 mile fun run. Two of us did the 10K and one of us did the 5K. The race was planned around the beautiful Greenway Trail in Lilburn City Park. All proceeds for the event went to the “Scleroderma Foundation Georgia Chapter” in order to help fund research for Scleroderma!

The day started out cool (which was lovely – my Florida runs have been deathly warm lately!) and when we stepped out of our hotel, the air was engulfed in a very gray mist. I did not sleep well the night before, so of course I was yawning (all three of us were!). We easily located the park and got signed in. We picked up our bibs and started to get warmed up. I downed a “Gatorade Prime” in the hopes to prevent my usual post-race headache. I also continued sipping water.

When the 10K started, my legs still felt a little tight. My breathing was good – I didn’t feel a strain. I felt good temperature wise. It was nice and cool and I luckily didn’t feel overly warm for most of the race. There were not a lot of people doing the 10K so I didn’t get my usual feeling of “heck yeah you’re running with other people… whoo whoo!” so I had to work hard to keep myself motivated. The run wasn’t significantly hilly, but there were definitely quite a few climbs and dips.

About half way in, I really hit my stride. My legs had loosened significantly and I felt great. My breathing was still good and I was running well with my 1:1 intervals. I didn’t feel overly dehyrdated and I didn’t feel like I was over doing it. I was even able to snap a mid race selfie about 4 miles in!


I’m pretty proud of myself for my first official 10K. I finished in about 1:12-1:13. My previous time for a comparable distance was about 1:25. All in all, we did great. It was a nice race and I enjoyed the change of scenery. Plus, who can’t have fun when running with such a great looking group of ladies?


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